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  • What we do


    Individualized starting point & learning pace

    Develop disciplined self-learning habit

    Easy progress tracking by parents/teachers

  • How We Do It


    KukooMath was leveled with karate belt structure

    Assignments were well-designed yet dynamic generated

    Student progress will be determined by machine-learning algorithm

    An instruction video will be displayed whenever a new concept is introduced

Happy Students

What Our Students Say About KukooMath

Math in school isn’t hard anymore! I used to not like dealing with numbers because I never really understood them, but KukooMath has helped me finally get some good math grades. Now, I’m even starting to like math, as the hard stuff gets easier.

John Doe

I love KukooMath because the worksheets are so easy to use. Now, I learn math at my own pace, and doing the worksheets is not work- it’s fun!

Jenny Andrea

KukooMath really makes me stand out in my class! After I have been practicing for two months, my math grade at school has been improved dramatically. My teacher was really surprised by my improvements!

Sean Smith