Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about Kukoo Math are listed below.
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New Customer

Why should I choose KukooMath program?

What is the right age to join KukooMath program?

We cover K-6 math. However, there is no “right” age for start. As long as your kids know 1+1=2, they are ready.

How does KukooMath work?

  • We focus on elementary school math for kids from Pre-K to 6th Grade
  • The students will be tested on their math levels after registration
  • Once the student’s level is determined, he/she will work on math questions for 20 ~ 30 minutes every day depending on his/her age.
  • The questions are dynamically generated for each student based on his/her progress and previous mistakes.
  • The program is designed to enhance the school learning but not to replace the it. It is suitable for students who are beyond their level as well as for those behind their peers. All kids will benefit from joining our programs.

How much does KukooMath cost?

For details, please click Membership Plan

Is my payment information secured?

Absolutely yes. All transactions are handled by Stripe

Existing Customer

Can I choose the difficulty level of the work sheets?

Every student will have a placement test based on their age and grade when parents/teachers sign up. The program will determine the difficulty level for each individual student.

Can my kid do more every day?

We limit the practice time to 20~30 min per day. We do not recommend doing more every day for several reasons. Besides math training, our students will form good study habits. We aim for long term success for our students. In order to achieve the goal, it is important for our kids to feel KukooMath is a fun program. Working long hours every day is not long term sustainable for most of our students.

What if my kids did not do their practice?

There will be no make-up session. An email notice will be sent to the parents to remind them if the student did not do his/her work sheets. We expect the student to work at least 5 days per week. It is important for the parents to make a daily routine for their kids.

What if my kid cannot figure out the right answer?

We have tutorials, videos, and hints on the work sheets to guide the students when a new concept is introduced. We also carefully designed worksheets so that the students can handle by themselves. When students have trouble to figuring out the answer, we will adjust the difficulty level to give them more opportunities to learn it by themselves. If a student stays in the same difficulty level for an extended time, we will send out a notice to the parents to help the student.

You can know us better by the detailed information below

What to expect for the students

  • The student will work on the math work sheets every day for 20~30 min per day.
  • The levels of the worksheets are carefully designed, so that they increase in baby steps.
  • The students are required to figure out the answers themselves by using the examples, videos, and hints on the worksheets.
  • Each work sheet has a time limit. The students are required to finish the work sheets within the time limit accurately.
  • The pass/fail criterion of each work sheet is based on the accuracy and time used.

What to expect for the parents

  • We expect some parents involvement at the beginning by allocating a fixed time slot for the students to work on the worksheets. Once the habit is formed, we expect the involvement of the parents to drop.
  • It is important for the parents to encourage the kids throughout the program.
  • A progress report will be sent to the parents on a weekly basis.
  • If the students miss their assignments in three consecutive days, a notice will be sent to the parents to remind the students or setup the vacation/time off in the parent control panel.
  • In most cases, we expect the students to figure out the answers by themselves. However, if the student cannot figure out the answers for an extended period, we will send a notice to the parents for guidance.

What will the students gain

  • Customized math education program that fits each individual student level.
  • Better performance in the classroom. The students exercise their math skills online will lead to better classroom performance.
  • Better focus. The students are required to finish each worksheet accurately within the time limits. They need to be focused to achieve the goal. This focus will transfer to other activities they participate in.
  • Logical thinking. We sometimes arrange our questions in certain patterns. These patterns will help the students to enforce the logical thinking and link the dots.
  • Better confidence. The students from our program excel in math. They become more confident among their peers.
  • Self learning skills. Because the difficulties of our questions and worksheets are carefully designed, the students can figure out the answers by themselves. They can use this skill when they are given a brand new problem.

What will the parents gain

  • A focused kid who excels in the classroom.
  • A cost-effective solution to improve the math skills of your kids.
  • Timely reports/feedback of the kids progress in the program. The parents can also closely track the student's progress online.
  • Time saving. Compared with some other math training program, our students do their assignments on a computer. The parents don’t need to drop off the kids to the training facilities.

Can I join from outside the United States?

Absolutely yes. You can pay anywhere in the world with your credit cards. The membership plan is the same for you as the customers in the United States. You may need to pay an additional foreign exchange fee that is charged by your credit card company. For details, please contact your credit card company.